Policies & Procedures


    • We assess a $35 non-refundable registration fee per student or $50 per family.
    • Every student must be enrolled in AAD to participate in AAD classes.


    • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.
      • Due in 9 equal installments from September to May, regardless of Holidays, School Closures or withdrawing after October 14th.
    • Fees are due on the dates specified in the AAD Yearly Calendar.
    • All clients must place a credit/debit card on file and complete a AAD Payment Authorization form to register.
    • You may choose to pay tuition and fees by:
      • Automatic credit/debit card payment using the card we have on file.
      • Cash
      • Check
    • Payment by check or cash must be paid prior to the 1st of the month if you do not wish your credit/debit card to be charged.
    • Tuition will be charged on the 1st using the credit/debit card on file.
    • A $10 fee is assessed for all declined credit/debit cards. After several attempts to contact the responsible party, AAD reserves the right to try multiple charge attempts throughout the month.
    • Outstanding tuition balances remaining on the 3rd of the month are paid using the credit/debit card on file along with a $15 late fee.
    • Returned checks result in a $25 fee.
    • Outstanding balances as of the 15th will result in your child being asked to sit from all classes.
    • Accounts that are 2 months delinquent will be sent to collections.
    • Tuition is non-refundable and paid in full regardless of attendance during the month (e.g., absences, holidays, etc.)
    • All fees paid to AAD are non-refundable and include but are not limited to: costumes, audition fees, tickets, apparel, etc.
    • If clients (e.g., divorced spouses) share tuition and fees expenses for a student, we will collect payment from only one person.


      • Ballet & Competitive Programs, Level 1-6: $75 per purchased costume.
      • Levels 1-6 Competitive and Combo classes: $75 per purchased costume.
      • Ballet & Competitive Program, ages 9 & up (Levels 7-Pre-Pro, Corps, Jr. Company, Teen Company, & Sr Company): $40 per rental costume; capped at $80 per student.
      • Account balances must be paid in full before costumes are distributed. Purchased costumes are non-refundable.
      • We assess a $10.00 audition fee per student for The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Competitive Program auditions.
      • Recital – fee covers free admission & one full-color recital program.
        • $35/student or $50/family
      • Full length ballets (e.g., The Nutcracker, Swan Lake) – fee covers rehearsals and costume rental.
      • $75 – Ballet Program levels 4 – 6 or ages 6 – 8
      • $100 – Ballet Program levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


    Full or partial tuition refunds may be considered only in cases of injury, extended illness, or moving out of the area/state. And will be evaluated case by case.V.


    Families with more than one student enrolled receive 10% off each additional student.


    • Directors and/or choreographers cast all AAD productions and routines at their discretion.
      • Recitals – all students
      • The Nutcracker – audition required
        • Optional for Open and Competitive program students ages 6 & up
        • Required for Ballet program Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
      • Swan Lake – audition required
        • Optional for Open program, Ballet program Levels 4-6, and Competitive program
        • Required for Ballet Program Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
      • Teachers have the option to remove students missing more than 20% of their classes from the recital.
      • Students who miss class and/or rehearsal the week of a performance may risk being taken out of the performance.
      • Students enrolled after January 31st will not be permitted to participate in the Children’s Recital or the Year-End Recital.
      • Rehearsal times are subject to change. AAD does its best to make sure students notify parents of changes in a timely manner.


    • Students who miss a class for any reason will be allowed to make up the class.
    • Make-up classes must be arranged with the front office and may be taken in any class at an equal or lower level.
    • Please inform the office of anticipated or unforeseen absences as soon as possible
    • Examples of valid reasons for class absences are: school-required event, illness, funeral or wedding of an immediate family member.


    Open Program requires 30 days written notice. Ballet and Competitive requires director approval.


    • AAD follows the School District #25 and calendar for extended closures & national holidays (e.g., Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day, winter and spring breaks, etc.). Classes are held as regularly scheduled on teacher record or in-service days, half-days, etc., unless otherwise specifically stated in the AAD Yearly Calendar.


    • AAD follows the School District #25 and calendar for closures due to severe weather. If a class is canceled for a reason other than weather, we will inform students as soon as possible by email and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, AAD website, Instagram).


    • Bring a positive and uplifting attitude to the studio.
    • Be respectful to all AAD faculty and staff.
    • Consistently bring student(s) to class.
    • Drop students off no earlier than 15 minutes before class and pick up students no later than 15 minutes once class has ended. A charge of $10 will be added to your account if you are late.
    • Prepare younger students for class with appropriate uniform, hair, etc. prior to arrival.
    • Arrive in time for students to store belongings, use the bathroom, put on dance shoes and otherwise prepare for class.
    • Refrain from gossip, profanity, unsportsmanlike conduct and negative conversation of any kind with other parents and/or students.
    • Label all of your student’s dance shoes, leotards, skirts, AAD apparel, etc. as many look alike.
    • Do not enter a studio unless invited by an instructor.
    • Refrain from interrupting class; deliver any messages for teachers or directors to the office. They will be happy to contact you after classes.
    • Stealing is prohibited


    • Be respectful to all AAD faculty, staff and property.
    • Tampering with or stealing another’s property will not be tolerated.
    • Adhere to specified class uniforms, including hair in a bun, correct shoes and no large holes or runs in tights.
    • Tardy students are asked to wait at the studio door until invited by the teacher to join the class. Teachers may direct students to observe, rather than participate.
    • We ask that students do not:
      • Talk loudly or run in hallways and common areas
      • Take dance bags into studios. Belongings should be placed in the lockers located in the lounge.
      • Eat food or chew gum in the studios (water only).
      • Lean against mirrors or hang on Barres.
      • Enter studios without an instructor present.


    We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. All items left at the studio are placed in the lost and found box in the lobby. Please check it often, as we empty it regularly and donate items to local charities.


    AAD Pricing

    Click to download printable PDF.


    Registration Fee: We assess a $35 non-refundable registration fee per student or $50 per family

    Recital Performance Fee: $35 per student ($50 per family), due in February

    Recital Costumes:

    • Ballet & Competitive Program: Ages 3-8, $75 per purchased costume (due in October); Ages 9 & up: $40 per rental costume (due in March)
    • Open Program: All ages, $75 per costume (purchased)

    Other Fees:

    • Audition fee: $10 per student
    • Full length ballets

    (e.g., The Nutcracker, Swan Lake; fee includes rehearsal times & rental costume)

    • Levels 4-6 or ages 6-8: $75 per student
    • Levels 7-Pre-Pro or ages 9 & up: $100 per student

    TUITION & additional feesAll students pay tuition monthly from September – May (9 months) All registrants are required to have a credit card on file in order to enroll.

    *Families with more than one student enrolled receive 10% off each additional student.


    30 minute class: $25

    45 minute class: $35

    1 hour class: $42

    1.5 hour class: $50

    2 hour class: $60

    *First two classes are full price; additional classes are $25 each.


    Levels 1-3: $30

    Levels 4 & 5: $45

    Level 6: $60

    Beginning: $90

    Intermediate: $145

    Advanced: $200

    *Students may add classes from the Open and Competitive for an additional $25 per class.

    Add on Ballet classes will be per class i.e. $15 for 1.5 hours $20 2 hours.


    Troupe: $125

    Mini Company: $145

    Jr. Company: $200

    Teen Company: $240

    Company: $240

    *Students may add classes from any program for an additional $20 per class.

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