Our Mission

Alliance Academy of Dance is dedicated to the joyful pursuit of life-lessons taught through dance: discipline, dedication, and goal setting. We offer the highest quality in dance training in multiple dance styles, recognizing ballet as the fundamental platform for other dance forms. Our goal is to explore these fundamentals and offer their lasting benefits, both in the studio and the world beyond, to all who wish to embrace them.

Our Approach

The hallmarks of Alliance Academy of Dance’s approach are:

Focus on Technique: Alliance Academy upholds the integrity of dance by teaching proper technique in line with each dancer’s age and development.

Experienced and Talented Faculty: Our experienced, talented faculty offer world-class instruction and eagerly promotes all styles of dance. Alliance Academy stands out from other studios in the region because we employ nationally renowned professionals who teach innovative choreography used in regional and national performances.

Versatile Dance Programming: Our solid and versatile instructional programming serves both the pre-professional and recreational dancer. The foundation of our curriculum is classical ballet which serves as the vehicle to the development of all other dance forms.

Commitment to Community: We actively participate in our community by providing various high quality engaging performances throughout the year and by taking part in city-initiated community events.

Nourishing, Respectful Environment: We promote self-confidence through a positive, encouraging and caring instructional environment. We help students create and achieve personal goals in ways that validate the individual student and engender self-esteem.

Preparing Students for Life: Our dance instruction develops key skills such as discipline and dedication that enrich life outside the studio. Our dance program also provides abundant opportunities to build lifelong friendships and memories.

Our History

Alliance Academy of Dance was established in 2016 and is the result of the merging of two successful Pocatello dance institutions, Brindusa-Moore Ballet Academy and DSDS (Dana Smith Dance Studio). Together they have created the broadest and most in-depth dance program in Southeast Idaho. With decades of expertise in teaching and performing across a wide spectrum of styles and interests such as, classical ballet, competitive jazz/contemporary, and recreational dance, Director Sergiu Brindusa and Associate Directors Beth Moore and Whitney Morden, are excited to share their love of dance through teaching the youth of Pocatello and the surrounding areas.